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    cotd best tut on how to do the easter egg!!

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    cotd best tut on how to do the easter egg!!

    Post by -zack- on 6/5/2011, 11:00 pm

    i know reading blows but its the best way. :lol!:

    1. Knife the Door and find the power fuse and take it back to the door.

    2. Blow up all 4 generators around the map in any order.

    3. Go back to the Door and knife it, then a vodka bottle will appear and you have one person knife it and the other person stand under it and catch it, take it back to the door put it up the pipe and knife the door.

    4. Now you have to set the dials in the light house to the correct numbers, look at these steps and you should be able to get it very easy.


    A. Press PURPLE until PURPLE is at the correct number.
    B. Press ORANGE untill BLUE is at the correct number. (ORANGE does not effect PURPLE)
    C. Press YELLOW until ORANGE is at the correct number. (YELLOW does not effect BLUE or PURPLE)
    D. You now have the bottom 3 numbers at the correct ratio from one another.
    E. Press YELLOW until YELLOW is at the correct number, COUNT THE NUMBER OF TIMES YOU PRESS YELLOW.
    F. Press PURPLE the same number of times as you pressed YELLOW in step 5.
    G. Press BLUE until it is back at the correct number, PURPLE and ORANGE should now also be at the correct numbers.

    5. Now you need to activate all 4 radios around the map in the order that I showed them in. It goes the one under the power room is 1st. The one out by stamin up is 2nd. The one at the broken end of the boat is 3rd. And the one in the same room as the door is 4th. Then you should hear Morris code playing across the map.

    6. Now you need to have the rest of your friends in place to press the fog horns. After they are in place you go to the power room and turn the wheel 2 times to the right. Then you go to the 3 leavers and you turn the first one once, and the third one three times.

    7. After you hear the playback of the fog horns from the sub that appears you are going to press the fog horns in this order. One close to the water on the lighthouse side, one in the water on speed cola side, one right next to light house on light house side, one on land on speed cola side. If you did it right a green light should be in the middle of the light house.

    8. To go one of your crawlers and shoot him with the V-R11 and he will turn into a human and run into the middle of the light and you shoot him as soon as he goes up and he will drop the golden rod! Once you have that you take it back to the door just like the vodka bottle and they will have you knife the power right next to the door one more time and then you get your wonderwaffle DG-2!

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