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    How to get colored classes on black ops.

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    How to get colored classes on black ops.

    Post by -zack- on 6/6/2011, 1:57 am

    1)Open modio

    2)Extract your profile to your destktop

    3)On modio go to "open a save" and open your profile (or open from device your choice)

    4)Once in the correct profile got to "file contents"

    5)Find the file titled 41560855.gpd and extract it to your desktop.

    6)Now open up Xero (links will be at bottom Smile)and go to black ops gpd editor and go to open and open your gpd.

    7)Once you opened your gpd go to the third column where at the bottom you will see your class names.

    8)From here you can edit them.(color codes at bottom)

    9)Once your done just save and exit xero.

    10)Back on modio find the .gpd and right click and click replace file and replace it with the gpd you just modded and rehash and resign.

    11)Put usb back in xbox and fire up black ops select save device and go to online and bam! theres your classes

    Reminder:If you want buttons in your classes you need Ez gt and copy and pastethe button codes.


    Color codes (not accurate):^0 = Black
    ^1 = Red/Orange
    ^2 = Lime Green
    ^3 = Yellow
    ^4 = Navy Blue
    ^5 = Light Blue
    ^6 = Purple
    ^7 = White/Default
    ^8 = Black


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