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    how to mod castle crashers with horizon.

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    how to mod castle crashers with horizon.

    Post by -zack- on 6/7/2011, 12:37 am

    Quick and Easy Tut on How To Mod Castle Crashers

    what you will need
    usb drive
    Horizon (

    What To Do With Your USB
    Step 1: Plug your USB into your Xbox. (Make sure there is nothing saved onto your USB or you will lose it in the third step)
    Step 2: Turn on your Xbox. Go to My Xbox > System Settings.
    Step 3: Go to Memory. There should be two options, Hard Drive and USB Storage Device.
    Step 4: Choose Hard Drive and then select the profile you want to mod Castle Crashers with.
    Step 5: Now, hit move on your profile and then select USB Storage Device. This will move your profile onto the USB.
    Step 6: Turn off your Xbox and then remove your USB. Now go plug your USB into the computer.

    What To Do On Your Computer
    Step 1: Open up Horizon.
    Step 2: When you open up Horizon there should always be a window called Device Explorer open. The only device that should be in Device Explorer should be USB Storage Device. Within USB Storage Device double click on Gamer Profiles.
    Step 3: The Xbox profile that you want to mod should be in their. Click on that profile once, then hit the blue Mod button at the top of Device Explorer.
    Step 4: A drop down menu should come out of the Mod button. Scroll near the bottom of the menu and select Castle Crashers.
    Step 5: A window titled Castle Crashers should open up. From here you can choose which character you want to mod, how much money you want, the strength, magic, defense, and agility of that character.
    Step 6: When you have all of your desired stats press the Save button at the top of the Castle Crashers window.
    Step 7: Safely unplug your USB.

    What Do Do With Your USB (AGAIN)
    Step 1: Once again, plug your USB back into your Xbox.
    Step 2: Return to My Xbox > System Settings > Memory.
    Step 3: Select USB Storage Device and select your newly modded profile.
    Step 4: Hit move on this profile and then select Hard Drive. Your profile is now back on your hard drive.
    Step 5: Remove your USB, and now you can play Castle Crashers with your new character!

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