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    Tutorial Profile: How To Mod Gamesave's And Transfer Them Using a USB.

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    Tutorial Profile: How To Mod Gamesave's And Transfer Them Using a USB.

    Post by -zack- on 6/7/2011, 12:50 am

    Ok Let's Get Started

    1st. Decide A GameSave You Want To Mod.
    2nd. Download Modio From
    3rd. Search On Google For A Gamesave Editor (Like Xero For Black Ops GPD's (Gamer Profile Data)(Or You Can Download A Pre Made Modded save from the download's Section Of TheTechGame.Com)
    4th. If you already have a game save on your USB, Open Modio And Go To Explore A Device/Go To File And Click Open Device. Then Click Your Profile And Click On the Folder With The Game Title Name/Go to gamesave's And Delete The Save Inside The folder.

    If It's A Pre Modded Game Save,

    If It's Pre Modded And Downloaded From TheTechGame.Com (You Should Save The Gamesave To Your Desktop So You Can Locate It) You Need To Click Open A Save From The Main Page Of The Modio Application You Downloaded Then You Select The Save Off The Desktop That You Downloaded, Then Click Rehash And Resign On The Little Box That Open's With The Savegame (Click Rehash And Resign Twice Just To Make Sure) Then Press Save To Device/ Click Your Profile

    If It's A Un-modded Gamesave

    If It's A Unmodded Gamesave That you want to mod, You Need To Download A Game Save Editor, Then From Modio Go To Explore A Device/ Then To File/ Open Device Then It Will Open Your USB Content's after you do this Click On Your Profile On The Left Side Then Go To Click The Game Title Then In The Folder Click On Gamesave's Then Drag The save to your desktop
    Next You Need To Open The Save You Transfered To The GameSave Editor The Edit To How You Want It. Once You Do This Go To File And Click Save Now Open Up Modio And Press Explore A Device Once In Here Go To File Then To Open Device Now Click Your Profile From The Left And Go To The Content Folder And Click The Game Title That You Just Dragged The Game Save From And Then Delete The Game Save. After Doing This Exit Out Of The Device Explorer
    And Click Open A Gamesave Then Open The Gamesave From The Desktop And Click Rehash And Resigh Twice Then Press Save To Device Then Click Your Profile.

    What To Do On The Xbox,

    Now When You Are On The Xbox You Need Your USB Device Plugged In And Once You Start The Game You Don't Click The HardDrive You Press USB Storage Device.

    How To Configure USB To Xbox 360 (Video In HD)
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