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    MW3 Manager not Impressed w/ BF3


    MW3 Manager not Impressed w/ BF3 Pbucket

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    MW3 Manager not Impressed w/ BF3 Empty MW3 Manager not Impressed w/ BF3

    Post by Faytal on 10/18/2011, 1:39 am

    MW3 Manager not Impressed w/ BF3 Ae74425663

    The developers behind Modern Warfare 3 may have 99 problems but Battlefield 3 ain’t one. Glen Schofield, general manager of MW3 co-developer Sledgehammer Games, has been singing the praises of their own military shooter as the release date for rival Battlefield 3 is just a week away. To douse the flames of excitement for Battlefield 3, Schofield made it clear that he does not see the title as a threat to his company. “Let’s just say that I still use Modern Warfare 2 as my competitor. I need to make sure that the millions of people that played Modern Warfare 2 will pick up this game, notice that it’s better, notice that it’s bigger, that there’s more in it, that there’s more polish, all that stuff. That’s what I’m concerned with – this community.”

    Schofield claims that he had not heard of the Battlefield franchise until “five or six months ago,” when Battlefield 3′s marketing campaign began to build up steam. Throughout the summer, EA has been showcasing the capabilities of its stunning new Frost Engine that has shown graphic superiority to Call of Duty‘s latest games. After a confusing explanation of how game engines can be like a Porsche or spaghetti, Schofield appeared fed up with the comparisons, “I’ve said this before – I’m not shipping an engine, I’m shipping a game. So that’s why I’m going to talk about the game. You can talk about your engine all you want. It’s not fun.” When asked about the lack of a MW3 beta, Schofield sidestepped the question. “Someone asked me that the other day. This game is so big between the campaign, the Spec-Ops and the multiplayer, there was so much work to do that I don’t know whether it hit anyone’s mind or not. We had XP and XP was in itself a way for 1,000s of people to play the game and for us to look over their shoulder and see how they were doing and how they liked it and that was really good.”

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    MW3 Manager not Impressed w/ BF3 Empty Re: MW3 Manager not Impressed w/ BF3

    Post by Gatorade on 11/1/2011, 8:18 pm

    Mw3 will own BF3 anyday.

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