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    Ultimate Borderlands Thread


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    Ultimate Borderlands Thread Empty Ultimate Borderlands Thread

    Post by Faytal on 11/11/2011, 12:11 am

    Ultimate Borderlands Thread Borderlands_-logo
    8) This thread will be constantly updated as new mods are discovered.
    Copyright: Hax
    Original Post 11/6/2011
    Last Updated 11/6/2011

    In this thread I'm going to talk about the current mods that can be used on Borderlands. Some examples before you carry on reading are:

    -Level Mod-

    -Backpack Item Limit Mod-

    -Gun Strength Mod-

    and many others...

    -Level Mod-

    What You Will Need:
    -[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] (Credits To Killergp123 From
    -Xsata or Xport
    -Rehasher and Resigner (I used CONcept)

    Step One: Extract Your Savegame For Borderlands From Your Hard Drive / Memory Card. This can be found under:

    Step Two: Open Up Borderlands Save Editor and open your save.
    Press "Open" in the top left hand side of the program. Then select the save from the directory that you extracted it to.

    Step Three: Change Whatever You Want For Your Character.
    If you are unsure what you want to change, I will walk through some suggestions.

    Sub-Menu: Character
    Cash: The higher the number you put in the field, the more cash you get. Try to keep it under 10 million.

    XP: Unless you know precisely what to do, I would leave this option out.

    Level: While the official level cap is 50, you can go as high as you like. The highest cap that I know of before the game crashes is level 16777215. IMPORTANT: If you choose a Level under 50, and your XP bar is not changing, it is because your Level is too high for the amount of XP you have. Rather then making you level up then, the game will accumulate XP till it reaches the necessary amount of XP normally required for the level you have modded to.

    Skill Points: Cap is 255

    I wouldn't bother with colour, as you can change this in game.

    Sub-Menu: Weapons
    Proficiency: 50 is the cap. The higher the proficiency, the more damage the gun will deal. Will also affect other factors such as reducing recoil.

    Max Ammo Level: Cap is 6. The higher the max ammo level the more rounds you can carry for each gun. IMPORTANT: This does not change the magazine size, just the number of magazines you can carry.

    Step Four: Press Save, Rehash And Resign, And Inject Back Into Your Profile.
    Go to the Sub-Menu: Save, and save your gamesave. Then open it up in your chosen Rehasher/Resigner. If you are using your own save, you only need to re-hash the file, but if you are using someone elses, you will need to resign and rehash. I personally use CONcept, although Modio will also work fine.

    When you have done this, put the save back into the Borderlands save directory. You will be prompted to over-write the save. Click Ok. IMPORTANT: Make sure to make a back-up of your original save if you mess it up.

    Step Five: Start up Borderlands and enjoy your mods!

    As you can see, this isn't just a level mod, but also a Health/XP/Cash Mod as well.

    Here is a video showing what the editor can do.

    -Backpack Item Limit Mod-

    What You Will Need:
    -[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] or another Hex editing program
    -Xsata or Xport
    -[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    This video will explain the processes you must go through:

    -Gun Strength Mod-

    Step One: Open your save in [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] or any other hex-editor.

    Step Two: Press CTRL + F or press the "find" button in the menu.
    Once you have loaded the "find" menu, search for the name of your gun, and make sure that you search for it under text string, NOT hex-value. To see an example, press below.

    For example, if you want to change the strength of Nine-Toes' gun "The Clipper", then search for "Clipper" under text-string. Remember to select search all, in order to search the whole save, and not just forwards or backwards.

    Step Three: Go down to the end of the weapons block.
    Each weapon is seperated by approximately 16 bytes of space, made up of small ".....".

    This is what mine looks like:
    As you can see, I've highlighted the ninth dot. This is the byte that we will be changing.

    Step Four: Highlight the ninth byte, and look at the hex value that is highlighted.
    This value is typically 00, or 01, or 02. This number signifies the strength of the gun:
    00 - Worst

    05 - Best

    Bare in mind however, that as the gun level increases, so does the level requirement to use the gun:

    These are just approximate guidelines however, and not the exact level requirement.

    Step Five: Save, then Rehash & Resign using CONcept or Modio.
    Then place back in your Borderlands directory and enjoy 8)

    Willow Tree

    WillowTree is a save editor for Borderlands. It will fully decompile/recompile the entire save, allowing you quickly manipulate saves in ways that would normally take a ridiculous amount of time. WillowTree works on all platforms. 360, PS3, and PC saves can be read/edited.

    For those of you who need a tutorial on using WillowTree, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] .

    Linky - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Update v1.2.2:
    - Fixed the PC version file loading issue.

    Update v1.2.1:
    - Slightly changed rebuilding code. Hopefully less bugs.
    - Removed "Delete Item/Weapon" as it isn't working correctly.
    - Added code to adjust important hash block info on the 360 version.
    (Only Weapons Workshop was altered)

    Update v1.2.0:
    - Added the new "Weapons Workshop" mode. It specificly edits weapons and items. Unlike the normal WillowTree mode, here you can add/remove/duplicate new weapons and items! It also includes a full list of parts (rather than the last version's limited list). Thanks to Turk there is a check on ItemGrades to make sure that you weapon won't revert to level 0.

    Update v1.1.1:
    - Added support for new DLC quests.

    Update v1.1.0:
    - New organized decompiling process.
    - Added an editor for the multiple parts of the save. It can quickly edit weapons, items, quests, player info, character colors, name, skills, locations, and invintory info.
    - Added weapon and item importing/exporting from files or from the clipboard.
    - Built-in parts swapper.
    - Number of bugs fixed.
    - PC support added.

    Update v1.0.1:
    - Fixes a few minor bugs.
    - Added PS3 save support.

    Pre-Modded Save

    For those who for some reason are unable to mod their own files, I have got a save which contains over 420 rare guns, with the unlimited backpack mod. It can be found [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Adjust the Profile and Device ID's to your's, rehash and resign using Modio and place back onto your Memory Unit or HDD.


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