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    how to mod zombies online.

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    how to mod zombies online. Empty how to mod zombies online.

    Post by -zack- on 6/6/2011, 1:41 am

    1)Put your usb into your Xbox 360 and configure if needed

    2)Load Call Of Duty World At War and Select Memory Unit. Go To Solo - New Game and let the game load.

    3)When it starts hit Start then Save and Quit

    4)Click the Xbox Guide button and select Xbox Dashboard then remove your usb and inject it into your computer

    5)Open Up Usb Xtaf Xplorer, click File - Open Device and look for gamesaves the files to savegame.svg

    6)Click savegame.svg and select extract and extract it to your desktop. Right click it on your desktop and click Rename (whatever you want)

    7)Minimize Usb Xtaf Xplorer and open up the modded gamesave, and drag the savegame.svg file to your desktop.

    8)Open up Modio then go to Open a Save and select The one you renamed.

    9)Put the window that just popped up somewhere. Go back to the main menu of Modio and click Open a Save again. Now select savegame.svg and put the window that just popped up somewhere.

    10)Now Copy The Profile ID of the unmodded save and replace it to the modded save, and do the same for the Device ID.

    11)Close the window of the unmodded save and click Rehash And Resign on the modded save box a few times.

    12)Close Modio and maximize Usb Xtaf Xplorer again

    13)Click savegame.svg and click delete then click Inject and Inject savegame.svg from your desktop

    14)Exit Out of Usb Xtaf Xplorer then remove Your usb and plug it into your Xbox 360.

    15)Go onto the My Xbox part of your Xbox dashboard then go to System Settings - Memory - Memory Unit - Games - Call Of Duty World At War then select the game save and click move and move it to your Hard Drive.

    16)Eject your usb and load up Call Of Duty: World At War then go to Solo - Resume Game.

    17)When It Loads Press Start and then click the Xbox Guide Button and tap B then select quit

    18) Go To Nazi Zombies - Private Match and your done

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