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    Black Ops HOW TO MOD [TuT]


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    Black Ops HOW TO MOD [TuT] Empty Black Ops HOW TO MOD [TuT]

    Post by Faytal on 5/28/2011, 7:56 pm

    How to use the GPD
    1.Press the Guide button and Go to setting then go to system settings.
    2.Go to memory
    3.Click on your hard drive /go to games /look for black ops/ and delete the title update.
    4.Then view your hard drive and press Y and clear the system cache.
    5.Now u will be able to use the GPD Very Happy

    How to Insert a Gpd into your profile.
    1.Once your transfered your Profile onto your Flashdrive
    open Xtaf.
    2.Extract your profile to an easy place to access it.
    3.Now Drag it into modio.
    4.Click file contents and right click the file 41560855 and replace it with my GPD.
    5.Rehash and Resign and delete the old one on your flash drive and drag over your modded one.
    6.Transfer back into your xbox hdd.

    Modded Zombies with 3 control setting.
    .GPD:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    PreModded File:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    To start the mods press the back button.(You will automatically in
    controls 1)

    To access controls 1 press the back button.
    To access controls 2 press the back button again.
    To access controls 3 press the start button.
    (you have to be on controls 3 to go back controls 1)

    Controls 1:
    Dpad up=No clip
    Dpad Left=God mode
    Dpad right=Change game speed(toggle)
    Dpad down=Drop Gun

    Controls 2:
    Dpad up=Pro Mod
    Dpad Left=3rd Person
    Dpad right=Cartoon mode
    Dpad down=Cool Visons

    Controls 3:
    Dpad up=Gives different guns.(keep pressing for different options)
    Dpad Left=Disable zombie Spawn
    Dpad right=No target
    Dpad down=Kill all Zombies(No points)

    Far knifeing
    Unlimited ammo
    Tripple tap(once Double tap is bought)
    Magic box dosent move
    + more

    Now My Modded Campain GPD
    .GPD:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    PreModded File:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    To start the Mods Press the Back Button.

    Press the Back button to Go to Controls 1.
    Press the Start Button to go to Controls 2.

    Controls 1:
    Dpad Up=God mode
    Dpad Right=Give all(guns)
    Dpad Down=No clip

    Controls 2:
    Dpad up=Toggle Player Speed
    Dpad right=Toggle Cartoon mode
    Dpad down=Drop Gun

    Now For My Split screen/System link Mod Menu.
    .GPD:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    Premodded file:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Just start up black ops and got to multilayer and select Local and sign in there!
    Have fun Press the back button for options.

    Now Heres sonething Extra:
    Heres xero.exe if you dont already have it.
    Xero:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Now How to mod Your Classes and Clan tag with GPD's

    When you open your GPD with XERO
    You will see 3 Boxes the first one will say

    set gpad_buttonsConfig "buttons_default"
    set r_gamma "1"
    set snd_menu_voice "1"
    set snd_menu_music "1"
    set snd_menu_sfx "1"
    set snd_menu_master "1"
    set snd_menu_cinematic "1"
    set snd_menu_speaker_setup "0"
    set snd_menu_listen_level "0"
    set snd_menu_left_channel "1"
    set snd_menu_right_channel "1"
    set snd_menu_center_channel "1"
    set snd_menu_left_surround "1"
    set snd_menu_right_surround "1"
    set snd_menu_lfe "1"
    set party_privacyStatus "0"
    set geographicalMatchmaking "0"
    set safeAreaTweakable_horizontal "0.85"
    set safeAreaTweakable_vertical "0.85"
    set demo_controllerConfig "0"
    set input_invertPitch "0"
    set input_viewSensitivity "4"
    set input_autoAim "1"
    set team_indicator "0"
    set cg_mature "0"
    set cg_blood "1"
    set cg_drawCrosshair3D "1"
    set gpad_rumble "1"
    set gpad_sticksConfig "thumbstick_default"
    set clanName "DoW6"
    set start_in_mp "0"

    Find set clanName "DoW6"

    And change it to any 4 Letter word or anything.

    Now to mod your Classes You will find it in the 3rd box in XERO.

    set playlist "6"
    set category "0"
    set categoryPlaylist "6"
    set wagerCategory "0"
    set wagerCategoryPlaylist "2"
    set input_targetAssist "1"
    set cg_spectateThirdPerson "0"
    set xblive_basictraining_popup "1"
    set bot_friends "1"
    set bot_enemies "9"
    set bot_difficulty "easy"
    set bot_tips "0"
    set sv_botUseFriendNames "1"
    set cg_playerState "0"
    set com_first_time "0"
    set motd "Connect to Xbox LIVE to get Call of Duty news and updates"
    set customclass1 "CUSTOM 1"
    set customclass2 "CUSTOM 2"
    set customclass3 "CUSTOM 3"
    set customclass4 "CUSTOM 4"
    set customclass5 "CUSTOM 5"
    set prestigeclass1 "CUSTOM 6"
    set prestigeclass2 "CUSTOM 7"
    set prestigeclass3 "CUSTOM 8"
    set prestigeclass4 "CUSTOM 9"
    set prestigeclass5 "CUSTOM 10"

    Where it says set customclass1 "CUSTOM 1"

    Now u can change the Text to anything u want in the ""

    Want color in those Classes??
    then what every your going to make your class say Put
    ^3 or anything in the list under.

    ^0 = Black
    ^1 = Red/Orange
    ^2 = Lime Green
    ^3 = Yellow
    ^4 = Navy Blue
    ^5 = Light Blue
    ^6 = Purple
    ^7 = White/Default
    ^8 = Black

    Now this is 100% Rezist's Zombie GPD Tutorial!

    Before you start anything you will have to null your buttons which is really easy to do. Just open your GPD in Xero and find ButtonsConfig and replace Default or what ever is there to Null. You might have to do this for the sticks as well, but that depends on what binds you are using. Everything you need is below

    These are what are used to activate mods. These can also disable the regular controls on your controller like shooting or throwing a grenade, so be careful.

    .:Affected by Buttons config:.
    bind DPAD_RIGHT is for Dpad Right
    bind DPAD_DOWN is for Dpad Down
    bind DPAD_LEFT is for Dpad Left
    bind DPAD_UP is for Dpad Up
    bind BUTTON_B is for B
    bind BUTTON_Y is for Y
    bind BUTTON_X is for X
    bind BUTTON_A is for A
    bind BUTTON_LSHLDR is for Left Bumber
    bind BUTTON_RSHLDR is for Right Bumber
    bind BUTTON_RTRIG is the Right Trigger
    bind BUTTON_LTRIG is the Left Trigger
    bind BUTTON_RSTICK is for clicking the Right Stick
    bind BUTTON_LSTICK is for clicking the Left Stick

    .:Affected by Sticks Config:.
    bind APAD_LEFT is left on the left stick
    bind APAD_RIGHT is right on the left stick
    bind APAD_DOWN is down on the left stick
    bind APAD_UP is up on the left stick

    These are basically infections, most DVARs should be added to the same bind unless it is a visual mod or something that you won't want on permanently.

    player_sustainammo 1 - Bottomless clip.
    player_burstFireCooldown 0 - No cool down for burst weapons.
    player_lastStandBleedoutTime 400 - Longer lasting Last Stand.
    magic_chest_movable 0 - Box can't move anywhere.
    player_sprintUnlimited 1 - Unlimited Sprint.
    Revive_Trigger_Radius 99999 - Revive from far away.
    dog_MeleeDamage 0 - Dogs can't hurt you.
    phys_gravity 99 - Zombie bodies fly up.
    perk_weapReloadMultiplier 0.001 - Instant reload, need speed cola.
    perk_armorvest 0 - Better Juggernaut, need Juggernaut.
    player_meleeRange 999 - Melee from far away.
    perk_weapratemultiplier 0 - Triple tap, need double tap.
    player_clipSizeMultiplier 999 - Large clips.
    r_fog 0 - No fog.
    timescale .1-10 - Slow .1 - Fast 10, gameplay.
    g_speed 400 - Faster speed.
    jump_height 999 - Increased jump height.
    cg_drawfps 1 - FPS counter.
    r_znear 35 - Wall hack.
    g_gravity 999 - Lowers the gravity.
    r_colorMap 0-4 - Various colored visions.
    r_fullbright 0-1 - Cartoon Mode.
    cg_third person - Third Person Mode.

    These are for host only and can only be activated by a bind, I suggest only one command to a single bind.

    god - Can't die.
    give all - Gives all weapons that the map & client can hold.
    ai axis delete - Deletes zombies
    noclip - Fly and go through walls.
    take all - Takes all weapons from you.
    notarget - Zombies don't attack you.
    give ammo - Gives you ammo.
    dropweapon - Drops the weapon you are holding
    demigod - Semi god mode.
    ai_disableSpawn - Zombies do not spawn.

    .:Variable Strings:.
    Okay this can get tricky to do, but once you get the hang of it, it is easy. What this is used for is for multiple controls.

    First you want to start with a Button Bind and a Variable String. Example below.

    bind BUTTON_BACK "vstr a"

    Vstr is the string. A is what control it is, you can put anything from A-Z and 1-infinity.

    After that you have to set the string like below

    set a "god;bind BUTTON_BACK vstr b"

    This above activates God Mode and the Bind sets it to another string. Below I will show you a full control set with Variable Strings included.

    bind BUTTON_RSHLDR "vstr a"

    set a "bind BUTTON_BACK god;bind DPAD_DOWN (DVARs go here);bind DPAD_UP noclip;bind DPAD_LEFT give all;bind DPAD_RIGHT vstr b"

    set b "bind BUTTON_BACK r_fullbright 1;bind DPAD_DOWN r_colormap 4;bind DPAD_RIGHT vstr a"

    The code above makes it so Right on the DPad switches between various controls. The other binds activate various things from commands - DVARs.

    If you need any help feel free to message me or post here and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

    -Hope this helps!


    Have Hun!

    PLz thank and +rep

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